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Cross-country skiing paradise around Kvilda

In the vicinity of Kvilda and Horská Kvilda, more than 60 km of cross-country trails are regularly maintained, which connect to another 250 km of trails, which are among the best in Šumava and pass through the most famous places. The well-known cross-country "highway" between Kvilda and Horská Kvilda, Jezerní slať, Prameny Vltava, Bučina, Filipova Huť and others are an offer that cannot be resisted.

Mini snowpark Kvilda

Depending on the snow and frost conditions, SKI Kvila prepares jumps, waves and other platforms of varying difficulty for snowboarders, skiers and sledders.

Swimming pool in Sušice in Šumava

  • Two whirlpools for 8 and 17 people. Depth 1m, comfortable seats and water 34 degrees.
  • Wild river, water swing, massage jets and water spouts. Depth 1.2m, water 30 degrees.
  • Children's wading pool - slide, water mushroom and a series of fountain splashes (rain). It was 0.38m deep and the temperature was 31 degrees.
  • Water slide with light effects and a length of 78 m.
  • A separate swimming pool with four lanes and a length of 25 m. It is 1.2 - 1.6 m deep and the water temperature is 28 degrees.
  • Steam and Finnish sauna, cooling pool, outdoor cooling room and relaxation area. Sauna ceremonies...
  • You can also use fitness, a special purpose hall for indoor football, basketball, netball, handball, etc.

Treetop trails - Lipno, Neuschönau

Above Lipno nad Vltavou with a view of the "Bohemian Sea", or in the middle of the Bavarian mixed mountain forest at the Luzný National Park Center near the village of Neuschönau, the barrier-free path into the treetops will provide you with unique views and experiences.

Dřevák Visitor Center

In the exhibition, you can touch the secrets and wisdom of our ancestors with your own hands.
You will find that the wood is still "alive" even after the tree has been cut down and can change, which can really confuse us in some cases. What at first glance seems like a mystery or great science, we will show you in a simple and understandable way.

Maintained winter routes for hikers

Some routes can be used even when there is a lot of snow around, for example even with a stroller.
The roads are widened for convenience, but the traffic is minimal, really only a few cars a day, so it is suitable for mothers with prams or tourists with limited mobility, for example with walking sticks.

Muzeum Kvilda

In the municipal museum, all information and artifacts related to the way of life and work of our ancestors are collected. The exhibition is divided into several parts characterizing the history of the region. Archival documents are presented in color copies (e.g. documents from the 14th century and a map of the Golden Path of the Kaspersko Hora from 1736).

Sports hall Srni

The sports hall in Srní offers an area for ball sports - badminton, volleyball, tennis, futsal, floorball, basketball. Climbing wall, m-squash, laser shooting range and visual sports (golf, football, hockey).

School, rental and service of skis, snowboards and cross-country skis

Ski and snowboard school SKI ZADOV offers comprehensive services related to skiing and snowboarding lessons for all levels and age categories, both in Zadov and in Kvilda.

Shumava on snowshoes

Snowshoes are a new phenomenon discovered by tourists in Šumava in recent years. Therefore, the administration of the Šumava National Park annually prepares trips through the Šumava nature for those interested during the winter season.

Skating highway Lipno

Due to the frosty conditions, Lipno nad Vltavou is preparing an "ice" skating track for skaters...

Tobogganing slope directly on Kvilda

Directly next to the Pila Kvilda apartment, there is a regularly groomed free 270m long slope for sledders and bobsledders.

Ski areas within driving distance

Ski areas within driving distance
Zadov, Nové Hutě, Mitterdorf, Großer Arber - Velký Javor, Špičák, Lipno

Ski resort Kvilda

Modern family area right next to the cottage: poma ski lifts, rope, walking belt for children.


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