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Kvilda Visitor Center

Visitor center dedicated to the deer and the island lynx.
The outdoor area includes a deer and lynx enclosure.

Kašperk Castle

Kašperk is a Gothic castle near the Kašperské Hory and is the highest royal castle in the Czech Republic (886 m above sea level). It is located on the northeastern spur of Žďárská hora. It was created primarily for the purpose of protecting the gold mines, the Kasper-Mountain Golden Trail and the land border with Bavaria.

MTB, scooter, e-bike rental...

Directly in Kvilda, Modrava and also in Borová Lada, you can rent mountain bikes, children's bikes, electric bikes, scooters and electric scooters, strollers for children, seats, strollers for dogs, including accessories...

Dřevák Visitor Center

In the exhibition, you can touch the secrets and wisdom of our ancestors with your own hands.
You will find that the wood is still "alive" even after the tree has been cut down and can change, which can really confuse us in some cases. What at first glance seems like a mystery or great science, we will show you in a simple and understandable way.

A path in the treetops and a house on the head

This is the height of emotions: the WaldWipfelWeg in Maibrunn near Sankt Englmar shows the wonderful world of the forest from a completely different perspective: a walk at dizzying heights above the treetops (barrier-free, up to 30 meters high) and with an impressive view. And all around there is much for visitors big and small to experience: a nature adventure trail with numerous hands-on habitats and lots of animals, an optical phenomenon trail, a forest restaurant with a large indoor playground. And the "Haus am Kopf", which is unique in Bavaria and stands entirely on the roof, in which everything is simply "inverted".

Bärenbob summer bobsleigh track in Grafenau

A world first with four unique giant circuits is the all-weather bobsleigh track "Bärenbob" in Grafenau.
The approximately 450 m long exit overcomes a height difference of 107 m.
At the top, a 1,250 m long descent through natural terrain awaits visitors with a wonderful panoramic view of the city.
A fast ride of up to 40 km/h will bring you the joy of bobsledding, and the track is also connected to a small recreation park and refreshments with outdoor seating.


For all tennis lovers who like to play tennis even while staying in Šumava, there is a tennis court just a few kilometers from Kvilda in Kubov Huta.

Terrain scooters

A five-kilometer descent with an elevation gain of 370 m? On a scooter? From Svatobor, which lies at an altitude of 845 m? Does this sound like strong coffee to you? On rugged terrain scooters with dual disc brakes, this forest ride is an experience of a lifetime.

Visitor Center Srní

A visitor center dedicated to animals with an indoor exhibit showing the life of wolves and their coexistence with humans.
The outdoor area includes a wolf enclosure with a viewing platform.

Skatepark Sušice

Visit Sušický skatepark, which has an area of over 1100 m2. Not only fans of skateboards, in-line and scooters, but also BMX bike riders will find something to their liking. The park is designed for a wide range of riders - scat fry can grow up here, but the Sušice park will be a challenge even for experienced riders.

Visitor center Borová Lada

The largest owl aviary in the Czech Republic
The exhibition of owls was chosen primarily for the originality of the subject, the hidden way of life of owls almost does not allow them to be observed in the wild.
You can see most of the representatives of Šumava owls here. These mostly nocturnal birds have a number of extraordinary qualities - night vision, silent flight and more.


Pumptrack Zadov


Strategy, tactics, heart pounding and most of all, great fun. This is paintball, an action-adventure game where it's not just about luck and physical ability, but above all about teamwork. Test your ability to make quick decisions and quick reactions. In the unique Šumava environment in the middle of the forest, this color war will definitely get you.
You can find the attraction in OFFPARK SUŠICE

Boating and rafting

Sailing on a raft, kayak or canoe on the Ottawa and Teplá Vltava rivers
In the vicinity you will find several rental companies that will provide you with a complete service connected with river navigation.

Bike park

There are several adrenaline bike parks nearby. Bike park Špičák is among the best, another park can be found in nearby Zadov - Bike Area Zadov, or in Vimperk - Freeride trial Vimperk.

Swimming pool in Sušice in Šumava

  • Two whirlpools for 8 and 17 people. Depth 1m, comfortable seats and water 34 degrees.
  • Fun pool with attractions - wild river, water swing, massage jets and water spouts. Depth 1.2m, water 30 degrees.
  • Children's wading pool - slide, water mushroom and a series of fountain splashes (rain). It was 0.38m deep and the temperature was 31 degrees.
  • Water slide with light effects and a length of 78 m.
  • A separate swimming pool with four lanes and a length of 25 m. It is 1.2 - 1.6 m deep and the water temperature is 28 degrees.
  • Steam sauna, Finnish sauna, cooling pool, outdoor cooling room and relaxation area. Sauna ceremonies...
  • You can also use fitness, a special purpose hall for indoor football, basketball, netball, handball, etc.

Horseback riding

Do you feel at home in the saddle or have you never sat on a horse before but would like to finally try it? Everyone is welcome here!

Rope center for children and adults

Offpark Modrava
Rope center Zadov
Rope park Sušice


There are several playgrounds right on Kvilda, but also in the immediate vicinity.
Kvilda, Horská Kvilda, Modrava, Borová Lada...

Treetop trails - Lipno, Neuschönau

Above Lipno nad Vltavou with a view of the "Bohemian Sea", or in the middle of the Bavarian mixed mountain forest at the Luzný National Park Center near the village of Neuschönau, the barrier-free path into the treetops will provide you with unique views and experiences.

Toboggan run - Sommerrodelbahn Silberger in Bodenmais

On the Bavarian side of the Šumava in the Bavarian Forest you will find the Silberberg summer toboggan run.
The colorful summer toboggan run offers you 600 m of fun for all ages. Regardless of whether it's fast or loose, you decide the speed. You lean into fast corners and accelerate on long stretches. The summer toboggan run is a real racing experience.

Tourist and educational trails around Kvilda

Non-forested landscape around Kvilda
Educational trail Modrava - Hradlový most
Educational trail Modrava - Filipova Huť
Educational trail From Modrava along the Roklanské brook to the Three Lakes Slat
Educational trail from Horská Kvilda to Antýgl along Hamerské potok

Summer swimming pool Vimperk, Sušice, Kvilda

At several outdoor pools around Kvilda, you can find refreshment and fun on steamy days.

Ropeway - Zadov, Großen Arber, Lipno

There are several large cable cars nearby...
Cable car to Velký Javor (Großen Arber), Špičák, Pancíř, Zadov, Lipno...


Does your back, legs or whole body hurt? Or do you just want to kick back and relax?
Visit some of the nearby massage parlors…

Muzeum Kvilda

In the municipal museum, all information and artifacts related to the way of life and work of our ancestors are collected. The exhibition is divided into several parts characterizing the history of the region. Archival documents are presented in color copies (e.g. documents from the 14th century and a map of the Golden Path of the Kaspersko Hora from 1736).

Alpine and Šumava viewpoints

The almost 150 km long Šumava ridge offers endless deep forests, but also places with exceptional, distant views. In recent years, they have also increased thanks to new lookouts. You can experience one of the most beautiful Šumava views over the territory of Bohemia, Germany and Austria from the peaks of Velký Javor, Ostrý, Kvilda - Bučina, Haidel and Sulzberg.

The highest waterfall in Šumava - Bílá strž

Bílá strž is the highest waterfall in Šumava, reaching a total height of 13 meters. It consists of several steps and cascades, of which the highest step measures 7 meters. There are also so-called giant pots excavated by flowing and swirling water in the stream bed. Remains of the original mountain forest, which has a primeval character, have been preserved on the slopes above the riverbed. A viewing terrace is built directly above the waterfall, which allows you a wonderful view of this natural scenery.

IN-LINE trails

Even in summer, you can enjoy ice skating in Šumava...